Library Board

Board Members – 2023

Photo of Dave Clark. Photo of Lee-Ann Crane.
Dave Butler
Dave Clark
Lee-Ann Crane
RDEK Area C Representative
Wesly Graham Photo of Christine McCubbin.
Wesly Graham
City Council Representative
Christine McCubbin
Douglas McLachlan
Decorative symbol of a person reading. Decorative symbol of a person reading. Photo of Gail P. Wakulich.
RDEK Area C Representative
Tasy Strouzas
Gail P. Wakulich

Interested in Joining the Library Board?

Do you believe in the importance of the Library and its value to the community? Do you want to have an active role in supporting the Library as an integral part of the community’s cultural, educational, and recreational well-being? Read the Board Applicant Package to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of a Board trustee.

The City of Cranbrook calls for applications to the Library Board in October or November of each year. You can get an application form at City of Cranbrook – Committees & Committee Minutes.

The Orientation Package for New Trustees provides more information about the Library and the roles that trustees have.

Board Meetings & Minutes

The Cranbrook Public Library Board meets 9 times per year at 7 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month, excluding July, August, and December. Below are the Board Meeting minutes.

2022 Board Meeting Minutes

January 2022 Minutes February 2022 Minutes March 2022 Minutes
April 2022 Minutes May 2022 Minutes

June 2022 Minutes

June 2022 Special Meeting Minutes

September 2022 Minutes October 2022 Minutes November 2022 Minutes

2021 Board Meeting Minutes

January 2021 Minutes February 2021 Minutes March 2021 Minutes
April 2021 Minutes May 2021 Minutes June 2021 Minutes
September 2021 Minutes October 2021 Minutes November 2021 Minutes

2020 Board Meeting Minutes

January 2020 Minutes February 2020 Minutes March 2020 Minutes
April 2020 Minutes May 2020 Minutes June 2020 Minutes
July 2020 Special Meeting Minutes September 2020 Minutes October 2020 Minutes
November 2020 Minutes

2019 Board Meeting Minutes

January 2019 Minutes February 2019 Minutes March 2019 Minutes
 April 2019 Minutes May 2019 Minutes June 2019 Minutes
September 2019 Minutes October 2019 Minutes November 2019 Minutes

2018 Board Meeting Minutes

January 2018 Minutes February 2018 Minutes March 2018 Minutes
 April 2018 Minutes May 2018 Minutes June 2018 Minutes
September 2018 Minutes October 2018 Minutes November 2018 Minutes

2017 Board Meeting Minutes

January 2017 Minutes February 2017 Minutes March 2017 Minutes
 April 2017 Minutes May 2017 Minutes June 2017 Minutes
September 2017 Minutes October 2017 Minutes November 2017 Minutes

2016 Board Meeting Minutes

January 2016 Minutes February 2016 Minutes March 2016 Minutes
 April 2016 Minutes May 2016 Minutes June 2016 Minutes
September 2016 Minutes October 2016 Minutes November 2016 Minutes

2015 Board Meeting Minutes

January 2015 Minutes February 2015 Minutes  March 2015 Minutes
 April 2015 Minutes  May 2015 Minutes  June 2015 Minutes
 September 2015 Minutes  October 2015 Minutes  November 2015 Minutes

2014 Board Meeting Minutes

 January 2014 Minutes  February 2014 Minutes  March 2014 Minutes
 April 2014 Minutes  April 2014 Special Meeting Minutes  May 2014 Minutes
 June 2014 Minutes  September 2014 Minutes  October 2014 Minutes
November 2014 Minutes

Related Policies

GP-01 Trustee Code of Ethics

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GP-A01 Library Board Trustee Guidelines

GP-A02 Roles in the Library