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According to Section 32 of the Copyright Act (PDF, 1,214 KB), a print disability is a learning, physical, or visual disability that impairs a person from reading conventional print.

  • Print disabilities affect approximately 10 percent of the Canadian population
  • Approximately five percent of text materials are currently available in a format that is accessible to persons with print disabilities

BC’s public libraries operate as a network to respond to the needs of people with print disabilities.​ The following programs grant access to collections across the province and are available through local public libraries:

Decorative. Library Collections

The Library maintains physical collections of large print books, foreign language items, and audiobooks on CD, as well as two Victor Readers. These are all searchable through our catalogue.
Ebooks, emagazines, and digital audiobooks are also available with your Cranbrook Library Card through our digital collection.

Cartoon graphic depicting books being delivered by library staff. Homebound Services

Operated by volunteers and staff, this free service allows people in the community who are physically unable to visit the Library to borrow material and have it delivered to them once a month. Print and complete the Homebound Application Form (PDF, 70 KB) at home and send it to us using the information on our Contact page, or pick up a printed form at the Library.

National Network of Equitable Library Service (NNELS) logo. National Network for Equitable Library Service

NNELS has materials in various formats for library cardholders with perceptual disabilities as defined in the Canadian Copyright Act (PDF, 1,214 KB). For more information about using this service, visit the NNELS Help & Tutorials page.

Illume logo. Subtext reads: discover BC libraries. Interlibrary Loan

Request items in a variety of formats and languages from other BC libraries to be sent to your home library. Formats include large print books, CD audiobooks, and braille items, to name just a few.

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