Borrow from Other Libraries

There may be times when you want to borrow from another British Columbia (BC) library:

  • You happen to be visiting another BC library
  • You couldn’t find what you were looking for in your home library

Requesting Items to be Delivered to Your Home Library

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If you weren’t able to find the item you wanted in our catalogue, try finding it elsewhere in BC using Illume, a catalogue for all BC libraries. Formats of items include regular and large print books, DVDs, CD audiobooks, and braille, to name just a few. It also includes multilingual items.

After you find the item you want, simply press the request button and fill out the form to have it delivered to your home library for pick up!

Illume Video Tutorial

Visiting Other BC Libraries

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If you are on the road and find yourself in another BC public library, you can easily borrow items with the BC One Card Program.

The best part? You can return your items to any BC public library when you are done with them!

Learn more about BC One Card

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