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Policies & Reports


The Cranbrook Public Library’s policies are divided into 5 sections.

Section 1: Value Statements

Statements that define core values, ethical behaviours, and high-level legislative requirements. They inform all aspects of operations and advance the Library’s strategic direction.

VS-01 Core Principles VS-02 Structural Principles VS-03 Protection of Privacy VS-04 Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Statement
Appendix:  VS-A01 Organizational Chart

Section 2: Operational Policies

Policies that relate to services and programs the Library provides to the community, and support operations to create a safe and welcoming environment so that all people may enjoy the benefits of the Library.

OP-01 Patron Code of Conduct OP-02 Membership OP-03 Borrowing OP-04 Hours of Service
OP-05 Information Services OP-06 Programs & Outreach OP-07 Resource Sharing OP-08 Technology Access
OP-09 Collection Development & Management OP-10 Community Information & Displays OP-11 Copying & Repair Services OP-12 Meeting Room Use
OP-13 Communications Protocol OP-14 Photography, Filming & Other Recordings OP-15 Social Media OP-16 Volunteers
Appendix: OP-A01 Identification Requirements for Membership Appendix: OP-A02 Borrowing Periods & Limits

Section 3: Governance Policies

Policies to guide the Library Board trustees in how they conduct the governance of the Library.

GP-01 Trustee Code of Ethics GP-02 Trustee Terms of Office GP-03 Library Board Meetings GP-04 Library Board Committees
GP-05 Library Board Development Appendix: GP-A01 Library Board Trustee Guidelines Appendix: GP-A02 Roles in the Library

Section 4: Financial Policies

Policies to guide the management of funds to support Library operations, services and programs.

FP-01 Financial Controls FP-02 Revenue & Expenditure FP-03 Expense Claims FP-04 Liability & Insurance
FP-05 Risk Management FP-06 to FP-09 not used FP-10 Donations FP-11 Endowment Fund
FP-12 Fundraising FP-13 Sponsorship & Naming Appendix: FP-A01 Tangible Capital Assets Schedule Appendix: FP-A02 Fee Schedule

Section 5: Human Resource Policies

Policies to set out how the Library supports its employees so that they can effectively carry out the Library’s operations, services and programs.


HR-01 Human Resource Values & Interpretations HR-02 Employee Code of Conduct HR-03 Conflict of Interest HR-04 Personal Employee Information

HR-05 to HR-09 not used


HR-10 Recruitment & Hiring HR-11 Probationary Period HR-12 Training & Professional Development HR-13 Performance Reviews
HR-14 Attendance Management HR-15 Employee Recognition HR-16 Disciplinary Action, Termination & Resignation

HR-17 to HR-19 not used

Compensation & Benefits

HR-20 Compensation HR-21 Employees Acting in a Senior Capacity HR-22 Hours of Work & Overtime HR-23 Vacation Leave
HR-24 Statutory Holidays HR-25 Sick Leave HR-26 Leaves of Absence HR-27 Benefits

HR-28 to HR-29 not used

Occupational Health & Safety

HR-30 Occupational Health & Safety HR-31 Substance Use HR-32 Disability Management HR-33 Critical Incidents
HR-34 Business Travel HR-35 Minimum Staffing Levels HR-36 Prevention of Violence in the Workplace HR-37 Respect in the Workplace
HR-38 Communicable Disease Prevention Plan

Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan link


2019 – 2023 Strategic Plan 2013 – 2017 Strategic Plan 2008 – 2012 Strategic Plan 2003 – 2005 Strategic Plan

Annual Reports

The Cranbrook Public Library can open its doors primarily because of the support it receives from the City of Cranbrook, Regional District of East Kootenay and Province of BC, which in turn receive funds from taxpayers. The Library prepares a number of reports each year to show how these funds were spent to provide library services in our community.

Annual Provincial Grants Report


Public Libraries Grants Report 2012 Public Libraries Grants Report 2013 Public Libraries Grants Report 2014
Public Libraries Grants Report 2015 Public Libraries Grants Report 2016 Public Libraries Grants Report 2017
Public Libraries Grants Report 2018  Public Libraries Grants Report 2019  Public Libraries Grants Report 2020
Public Libraries Grants Report 2021 Public Libraries Grants Report 2022 Public Libraries Grants Report 2023

 Audited Financial Statements

Financial Statements 2006 Financial Statements 2007 Financial Statements 2008
Financial Statements 2009 Financial Statements 2010 Financial Statements 2011
Financial Statements 2012 Financial Statements 2013 Financial Statements 2014
Financial Statements 2015 Financial Statements 2016 Financial Statements 2017
Financial Statements 2018  Financial Statements 2019 Financial Statements 2020
Financial Statements 2021 Financial Statements 2022 Financial Statements 2023

Statement of Financial Information

SOFI 2003 SOFI 2004 SOFI 2005 SOFI 2006
SOFI2007 SOFI 2008 SOFI2009 SOFI 2010
SOFI 2011 SOFI 2012 SOFI 2013 SOFI 2014
SOFI 2015 SOFI 2016 SOFI 2017 SOFI 2018
SOFI 2019 SOFI 2020 SOFI 2021 SOFI 2022
SOFI 2023

Report to the Community

Annual Report 2003 Annual Report 2004 Annual Report 2005 Annual Report 2006
Annual Report 2007 Annual Report 2008 Annual Report 2009 Annual Report 2010
Annual Report 2011 Annual Report 2012 Annual Report 2013 Annual Report 2014
Annual Report 2015 Annual Report 2017  Annual Report 2018

As of 2019, the Cranbrook Public Library’s report to the community is included in the City of Cranbrook’s Annual Report.