Climate Change Action

Canadian Government Website - Canadian Government climate change web portal to resources and policies. Climate Atlas of Canada - The Climate Atlas of Canada combines climate science, mapping, and storytelling together with Indigenous Knowledges and community-based research and video to inspire awareness and action. Enrodes Climate Interactive - En-ROADS is a freely-available online simulator that provides policymakers, educators, businesses, the media, and the public with the ability to test and explore cross-sector climate solutions. Global Climate Change (NASA) - NASA climate change web portal to news, resources and features. UN Development Program: Climate Adaptation - UNDP's climate change adaptation works across seven thematic areas to support vulnerable communities in building resilience to climate change.

Carbon Calculator Websites

Data Sources

Climate Watch - Climate Watch offers open data, visualizations and analysis to help policymakers, researchers and other stakeholders gather insights on countries' climate progress. Our World in Data - Open access and open source data archive utilized in universities and by reputable media organizations. More than just climate change.