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Facility Amenities


Outdoor Seating & Landscaping

Decorative. Decorative.

  • Numerous benches
  • Large grassy patches
  • Many trees to provide shade


Indoor Seating & Spaces

Decorative. Decorative.

  • Atrium
  • Children’s Section
  • Fireside Reading Lounge
  • Idea Lab
  • Mind Café
  • Reading Room
  • Teen Hub

Public Washrooms & Water Fountain


  • Male and female washrooms
  • Family washroom
  • Accessible washroom
  • Water fountain and bottle refill
  • Near entrance

Accessibility & Mobility Supports

  • Wheelchair accessible ramp with security rails at all entrances
  • Accessible washroom
  • On-site wheelchair available for use within the Library
  • Open and navigable space for easy maneuverability


  • Kootenay Street and back parking lot
  • Entrances on both sides

Renovation history

The Library moved to its current location on 26 January 2007.

Between 2008 and 2010, the Manual Training School attached to the library building was renovated to become a fully functional meeting space, equipped with a kitchenette and washrooms. The Library also underwent a major landscaping revitalization project during this time in an effort to update the exterior of the Library and add bike racks.

The public washrooms were renovated in 2014 to create a more functional and appealing space.

The next major renovation occurred in 2020, with the addition of the Reading Room. Visit us today to see these improvements for yourself!