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In-Library Use Only

Decorative.BC Vehicle Safety and Inspection Standards Manual

The digital version of this publication is only accessible from the Library’s public computers. A library card is not required.

If you are on a Library computer: View Manual


Open Access Websites & Local Resources

Legal Forms

BC Court Forms

Contains all BC court forms. Supreme Court forms can be listed numerically by clicking the link under the compatibility instructions.

hands typing 'report a crime' on a keyboard

RCMP Online Crime Reporting (OCR)

Report mischief, lost or stolen items under $5000, and vandalism quickly and easily and receive a file report number for insurance purposes. Note: call 911 for emergencies and/or crimes-in-progress. For all others: BC RCMP – Report a crime

Do not use OCR if:

  • Stolen property includes firearms, credit cards, or personal identification (e.g. driver’s licence or passport)
  • The value of stolen or damaged property exceeds $5,000
  • There are witnesses or video evidence of the crime
  • It is an emergency or crime-in-progress


Legal Information

Access Pro Bono

Access to justice for individuals and non-profit organizations of limited means throughout BC with programs designed to make it easy to obtain legal help.

BC Civil Resolution Tribunal

The CRT is part of the British Columbia justice system. Offers an accessible, affordable way to resolve many types of civil law disputes without needing a lawyer or attending court.

BC Codes

Includes the current BC Building Code (including Plumbing Services) and the BC Fire Code.

courthouse library bcBC Courthouse Libraries

Provides legal information resources and information services, for both members of the legal community and the public.

BC Laws

Free public access to the statutes and regulations of BC.

BC Public Interest Advocacy Centre Logo 3x1

BC Public Interest Advocacy Centre

A non-profit society based in Vancouver, BC – Coast Salish Territories. The Centre advances the interests of groups that are generally unrepresented or underrepresented in issues of major public concern.

Canadian Legal Information Institute

Provides access to court judgments, tribunal decisions, and statutes and regulations from all Canadian jurisdictions.


An Internet subject guide to authoritative legal resources in BC and Canada. Developed and maintained by the BC Courthouse Library Society. No library card is required to access this resource on the Internet.

Clicklaw Wikibooks

Collaboratively developed, plain language legal publications that are published and kept up-to-date on a wiki, where they can also be printed and downloaded. They are free to download and share with British Columbians who seek reliable, up-to-date information to address legal problems or learn about the law.

Popular books:

Conflict of Interest Commissioner’s Office

Annual reports from the Conflict of Interest Commissioner as well as related policies and laws.

Canadian flag.Department of Justice Canada

Canadian laws, programs, services, and much more.

Justice BC

Provides general information on criminal and family law in British Columbia, including special sections addressing the particular needs of victims, witnesses, family members, accused, etc., as well as many links to family law resources and services provided by government.

Justice Education Society

Provides information and services to the public (particularly youth and school teachers).

Legal Aid BC

Legal Aid BC is a non-profit organization created by the Legal Services Society (LSS) Act in 1979 to provide legal information, advice, and representation services. Offer services such as Aboriginal Legal Aid, My Law BC Guide, and Family Law Guide.


Provides resources on personal planning. Non-profit, charitable organization and was incorporated in 1995 as the Representation Agreement Resource Centre (RARC).

Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia

Helpful resources for businesses, organizations, and individuals about BC privacy and access laws. Includes infographics, guides, lesson plans, and more!

People’s Law School

A non-profit, charitable society providing public legal education and information to British Columbians since 1972. People’s Law also operates the Dial-A-Law service.


Offers connections to local community advocates who can help with applying for EI, Disability, etc. Good resource for lower income individuals.

Representative for Children and Youth

Legal information resources designed to provide BC children, youth, and the people helping them with legal issues with information about relevant resources.


Government Information

City of Cranbrook

Informations for residents about services, programs, bylaws, and more, as well as reporting services through the 311 app for IOS and Android.

Canadian flag.Federal Government of Canada

Canada’s primary internet site which provides information about Canada, the Government of Canada, its programs, and its services.

Ktunaxa Nation

Ktunaxa citizenship is comprised of Nation members from six Bands located throughout historic traditional Ktunaxa territory. Learn about governance, programs, services, and organization on the Ktunaxa Nation website.

Métis Nation BC

Métis Nation BC is recognized by the Métis National Council, Provincial Government of British Columbia, and the Federal Government of Canada as the Governing Nation for Métis in BC. The Rocky Mountain Métis Association focuses on delivering MNBC services to citizens living in the Kootenays.

Provincial Government of BC

The Province of British Columbia’s website which provides information about BC, information for citizens of BC, and covers its programs and services.

Regional District of the East Kootenay

Located in the southeast corner of BC, the RDEK is a local government dedicated to providing quality service to residents and property owners. Discover programs and services on the RDEK website.