Mike’s Booknotes

At the Library for April 19th, 2016

Last Updated 2016/04/18

‘121 First Dates’ is Wendy Newman’s guide to navigating the online dating world with grace and humor. And yes, Newman actually went on 121 first dates with suitors she met online. Three new titles by Erin Hunter this week, including ‘Moth Flight’s Vision’, ‘A Pack Divided,’ and ‘The Apprentice’s Quest’ Preschool Story Time is this

At the Library for April 12, 2016

Last Updated 2016/04/11

‘Boys in Trees’ is the remarkable life story of musician Carly Simon—the first performer to win simultaneous Grammy, Academy, and Gold Globe awards. Less known about Simon is her literary background—she is the daughter of the founder of Simon & Schuster Publishing House. Alexandria Horowitz gives younger readers a dog’s eye view of how canines

At the Library for April 5th, 2016

Last Updated 2016/04/04

‘Leave it to Beavers’ is a new documentary film which advances the theory that beavers may indeed be the key to reversing the effects of global warming. For younger readers there is Nikki Tate’s ‘Deep Roots,’ which explains the vital role trees play in sustaining life on our planet. Preschool Story Time is this Wednesday

At the Library for March 22, 2016

Last Updated 2016/03/21

An abandon safe deposit box full of faded photographs, old letters, priceless jewelry and no apparent owner or heir makes up the latest Danielle Steel novel—‘Property of a Noblewoman.’ In ‘Clean Sweep,’ Monica Kulling explains to younger readers how Frank Zamboni, tired of manually shaving down ice rink ice by hand, spent nine years trying

At the Library for March 15th, 2016

Last Updated 2016/03/14

“The Ktunaxa language has no world for extinct. Let’s keep it that way.” These phrase read on poster sparked Christopher Horsethief to spend his academic career researching whether this phrase was true or not. His book, ‘Emergent Complex Behavior in Social Networks’ is an exhaustive look at the emergence, resilience, and collective intelligence in the

At the Library for March 08th, 2016

Last Updated 2016/03/07

Just because there are no new titles this week, doesn’t mean there isn’t lots happening at the Library. Preschool Story Time is this Wednesday at 11:00 am, 1:15 pm, & 6:30 pm, and Toddler Story Time is 10:00 and 11:00 am. Both will be all about Green! There are also a variety of activities planned

At the Library for March 01, 2016

Last Updated 2016/02/29

Actor / director Kevin Costner steps into the world of fiction with his first novel ‘A Passage to Shambhala.’ Set against the backdrop of the First World War, a group of explorers spread across the globe seeking a mythical golden city. Alexandra Bracken retells the original Star Wars film for younger readers in the aptly

At the Library for February 9th, 2016

Last Updated 2016/02/07

‘Alone on the Wall’ is Alex Honnold’s life story–from dropping out of school in his teens to becoming the fastest free climber in the world. In the first of a multi-authored series, Vicki Grant tells the story an orphan girl who discovers the mysterious circumstances surrounding her birth in ‘Small Bones.’ Preschool Story Time is

At the Library for February 2nd, 2016

Last Updated 2016/02/01

‘Through an Unknown Country’ charts the 1874 expedition of Edward Jarvis and Charles Hanington as they amazingly snow-shoed their way from Quesnel to Winnipeg. With the help of Mechanic Mike, David West explains to young readers how his favorite machines work in ‘Submarines’ and ‘Speedsters.’ Preschool Story Time is this Wednesday at 11:00 am, 1:15

At the Library for January 26th, 2016

Last Updated 2016/01/25

Tie Domi—the greatest fighter the NHL has ever seen—charts the ups and downs of his life both on and off the ice in his memoir ‘Shift Work.’ Susan Lurie’s latest handbook not only identifies but also explains how to defeat all types of creatures in ‘Goosebumps Monster Survival Guide.’ Preschool Story Time is this Wednesday