Transferring eBooks to an eReader (Kobo, Nook or other compatible device)

Last Updated 2019/01/29

Check the compatibility of your eReader to ensure it’ll work with Library To Go. Make sure you’ve downloaded Adobe Digital Editions to your computer. Authorize Your eReader: Skip to Step 3 if you’ve already authorized your reader with your computer. Connect your device to your computer. Open Adobe Digital Editions. Follow any instructions on your

Library To Go and Libby – e-books and Audio-books

Last Updated 2019/01/29

Browse a collection of e-books and audio-books and download them to your computer or mobile device. Download Libby App for e-books and audio-books from the library.   How To… An Introduction to Libby   About the Service Compatible Devices e-books: Downloading to a Computer Downloading to a Tablet or Smartphone Transferring eBooks to an eReader