Mike’s Booknotes

At the Library for May 9th, 2017

Last Updated 2017/05/08

    ‘They Desire a Better Country’ examines the lives and contributions of fifty different winners of the Order of Canada.   Scott Pearson explains to younger readers how invasive species are introduced and the damage they can spread in ‘Zebra Mussels.’    Preschool Story Time is this Wednesday at 11:00 am, 1:15 pm, &

At the Library for May 2nd, 2017

Last Updated 2017/05/01

      In ‘The Compassionate Achiever’ author Christopher L. Kukk explains that true success is only possible through the helping of others.   ‘Nuts to You’ is a novel for younger readers, about two squirrels who go to extraordinary lengths to save a friend who was snatched away by a hawk.   Preschool Story

At the Library for April 25th, 2017

Last Updated 2017/04/24

      Robert Bhatia chronicles his mother’s life from poverty to best-selling author in ‘Passage Across the Mersey.’   When their spring break vacation is cancelled, a brother and sister use their imagination to travel to faraway places in the children’s book ‘Harry & Clare’s Amazing Staycation.’   Preschool Story Time is this Wednesday

At the Library for April 18, 2017

Last Updated 2017/04/21

      ‘Stewart in My Rear: More Irish Trouble in Norther Canada’ continues the chronically ill-fated yet hilarious adventures of Martin Maguire. This is the 6th book in the series, with more sure to come. Written by Cranbrook’s Brendan Gillen, this book has some serious moments, but is still very, very funny. ‘Stewart in

At the Library for April 11th, 2017

Last Updated 2017/04/10

      ‘Darling, I’m going to Charlie’ were the last words Maryse Wolinski heard her husband say before he was killed in the 2015 Charlie Hebdo attack. This memoir looks back at their 47-year marriage and her feelings about French security.   Standing amidst the devastation of the First World War, soldier Leslie Miller

At the Library for April 4th, 2017

Last Updated 2017/04/03

      In ‘No Barriers’ author Erick Weihenmayer takes a break from climbing Mt. Everest so he can solo kayak the Colorado River, which boasts some of the most dangerous rapids on the planet. Difficult enough for us mortals, Weihenmayer is also completely blind.   Part of her Exploring Countries, Emily Rose Oaches takes

At the Library for March 28th, 2017

Last Updated 2017/03/27

      Ann Brocklehurst’s ‘Dark Ambition’ explores just what made Dellen Millard—a young Canadian aviation heir—go on an Ontario murder spree.   A new edition of ‘Tarzan of the Apes’ will still captivate readers with the story of a baby who is raised by African apes after the death of his shipwrecked parents.  

At the Library for March 21st, 2017

Last Updated 2017/03/20

      Charles Campisi’s ‘Blue on Blue’ reveals how the New York City Police Internal Affairs stopped corrupt and law-breaking members of its own police department.   ‘Mission to Pluto’ charts the spacecraft New Horizon—only the size of a piano–as it explores the space entity Pluto and the Kuiper ice belt.   Preschool Story

At the Library for March 14th, 2017

Last Updated 2017/03/13

      Fiction writer Neil Gaiman explores the origins and legacy of the Northern myths that he frequently used in his novels in ‘Norse Mythology.’   The brave pioneers of sports, technology, and human rights are features in Crispen Boyer’s ‘The Book of Heroes.’   Preschool Story Time is this Wednesday at 11:00 am,

At the Library for March 7th, 2017

Last Updated 2017/03/06

      ‘Mrs. Sherlock Holmes’ is the amazing true story of a female travelling detective who solved numerous cases no one else wanted, during a time (early 1900s) this profession was no open to women.   ‘Star Wars Rogue One: Ultimate Visual Guide’ is a large and brightly illustrated to all the characters, planets,