Mike’s Booknotes

At the Library for August 14, 2018

Last Updated 2018/08/13

After hearing about Yemen’s astonishing history of coffee making, a young American travels there hoping to learn their practice and bring it back to the States. Yet civil war breaks out when he is there, and he must decide whether to escape the carnage, or stay and help the suffering farmers in Dave Eggers’ ‘The

At the Library for August 7th, 2018

Last Updated 2018/08/05

Your husband crosses the line in his flirtations with another woman at a dinner party. When you confront him, he asks you to stop being insecure and controlling. After a long argument, you apologize for giving him a hard time. This type of manipulation is known as “gaslighting,” and is explained along with steps on

At the Library for July 31st, 2018

Last Updated 2018/07/30

Cynthia Kane offers suggestions rooted in Buddhist thought and mindfulness for help in eliminating negative self-talk in her latest book ‘Talk to Yourself Like a Buddhist.’ Abby and her friends get stuck in the book ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and must avoid the Red Queen at all cost in Sarah Mlynowski’s ‘Abby in Wonderland.’ It’s here!

At the Library for July 24th, 2018

Last Updated 2018/07/23

D. B. John’s ‘Star of the North’ is a novel about a woman’s incredible 22-year quest to rescue her twin sister from a prison in North Korea. Joanne George’s ‘Smiley’ is the amazing true story of how a Golden Retriever born with eyes went on to become an outstanding therapy dog. It’s here! It has

At the Library for July 17th, 2018

Last Updated 2018/07/16

A woman’s life goes off track when she decides to care for her son’s ex-girlfriend and her young daughter in Anne Tyler’s ‘Clock Dance.’ Dawn Huebner’s ‘Outsmarting Worry’ helps pre-teens identify and cope with anxiety issues common to their age. It’s here! It has arrived! Registration for the Summer Reading Club is currently in full

At the Library for July 10th, 2018

Last Updated 2018/07/09

A crack in the Arizona desert floor revealed a slot canyon, a hidden yet stunningly beautiful underground crevice carved by water. Kimberley’s Pat Marrow spent a decade photographing this underground wonder, revealed in his latest book, ‘Searching for Tao Canyon.’ Mystery mastermind Juanita Rose Violini helps readers, writers, and party planners develop themes for mystery

At the Library for July 3rd, 2018

Last Updated 2018/07/02

‘Where Rivers Meet’ is a collection of photographs and stories about the Bow Valley and the Kananaskis, all by Stephen Legault. More middle school troubles abound, this time overseas, in James Patterson’s ‘From Hero to Zero.’ It’s here! It has arrived! Registration for the Summer Reading Club is currently in full swing. Registration is ongoing

At the Library for June 26th, 2018

Last Updated 2018/06/25

In ‘Children of the Kootenays,’ author Shirley D. Stainton takes a historic look at the mining camps and towns of the West Kootenays. Ian McAllister ‘s ‘The Seal Garden’ is a photographic look at the Great Bear Sea’s marine residents. It’s here! It has arrived! Registration for the Summer Reading Club is currently in full

At the Library for June 19th, 2018

Last Updated 2018/06/19

Rod Mickleburgh examines the history of the British Columbia Labour Movement in his well researched and brightly illustrated ‘On the Line.’ Susan Casey takes a thrilling journey into the spiritual and scientific realms of this growing endangered species in ‘Dolphins: Voices in the Ocean.’ It has arrived! Registration for the Summer Reading Club begins on

At the Library for June 12th, 2018

Last Updated 2018/06/10

Investigating the death of a child, a seasoned detective is dismayed to find that all the evidence points to his town’s most popular citizen in Stephen King’s ‘The Outsider.’ Robin Hardyman teaches step-by-step instructions on the art of paper folding dinosaurs, jungle animals, and different holiday decorations in her new ‘Origami Fun’ series. Story Time