Mike’s Booknotes

At the Library for January 16th, 2018

Last Updated 2018/01/17

  In ‘The Other Alcott,’ Elise Hooper explores the life of Louisa May Alcott’s youngest sister May, who was the basis for her novel ‘Little Women’ Honeybaked Hamster struggles against Madame Wigglesworth for the presidency of the human-free realm in Peter Hannan’s ‘Petlandia.’ Preschool Story Time is this Wednesday at 11:00 am, 1:15 pm, &

At the Library for January 9th, 2018

Last Updated 2018/01/08

    In 1966, a twelve-year-old girl froze to death on the railway tracks after running away from residential school. The following inquest demanded an array of changes, none of which ever applied. In ‘Seven Fallen Feathers,’ Tanya Talaga investigates seven deaths which occurred after these recommendations were ignored.   Jeff Savage is back with

At the Library for December 27th, 2017

Last Updated 2017/12/27

    ‘Waking the Spirit’ is Andrew Schulman’s tale of how Bach’s St. Matthew Passion played through headphones brought him out of brain-damaging coma. Since then he has dedicated his life to playing music in surgical ICU departments.   Jennifer Mathieu tells the story of a teenage girl who starts a feminist revolution against her

At the Library for December 19th, 2017

Last Updated 2017/12/18

    Jim Cameron follows up his widely popular ‘Cranbrook Then and Now’ with a new second volume. As before, Cameron’s ability to link our past with the present is ingenious and his writing remains absorbing as always.   The wind still blows through the willows with Kij Johnson’s ‘The Riverbank’—a direct sequel to Kenneth

At the Library for December 12th, 2017

Last Updated 2017/12/13

    Lorinda Stewart tells her harrowing tale of negotiating with Islamist insurgents who kidnapped her daughter in 2008 in her memoir ‘One Day Closer.’   While most kids in Canada need to be dragged to school (I was certainly one), education remains a distant dream for millions of children worldwide. Laura Scandiffio presents uplifting

At the Library for December 5th, 2017

Last Updated 2017/12/04

    ‘Breaking Free’ is Rachel Jeffs’ harrowing yet uplifting tale how she escaped her father Warren Jeffs and the abusive culture he raised in her.   A 9-year-old girl tries to stop her mayor from shutting down the town’s favorite bookstore in Uma Krishnawami’s ‘Book Uncle and Me.’   Preschool Story Time is this

At the Library for November 28th, 2017

Last Updated 2017/11/27

    ‘North of Familiar’ is Terry Milos’ story of how she left the 70s hippie scene of California to live of the land in Northern Canada.   Young Jedi’s are late for school is Jarret J. Krosoczka’s hilarious ‘The Force Oversleeps.’   Preschool Story Time is this Wednesday at 11:00 am, 1:15 pm, &

At the Library for November 14th, 2017

Last Updated 2017/11/13

    Bernadette McDonald looks at the life of possibly the greatest alpinist to have ever lived in ‘Art of Freedom: The Life & Climbs of Voytek Kurtyka.’   Philip Pullman returns to the world of His Dark Materials with the first of a new trilogy, ‘La Belle Sauvage.’   Preschool Story Time is this

At the Library for November 7th, 2017

Last Updated 2017/11/06

    Clare Mulley presents a dual biography of the only two women pilots in the Nazi regime in ‘The Women Who Flew for Hitler.’  A fascinating story since Hitler didn’t allow women in the military, and one of the pilots was not only Jewish, but married to the man who tried to assassinate Hitler

At the Library for October 31st, 2017

Last Updated 2017/10/30

    New up-to-date and authoritative legal references are  new this week, including ‘The Charter of Rights and Freedoms,’ ‘An Advocacy Primer,’ and ‘Canadian Family Law.’   Pittacus Lore returns to his Lorien Legacies series with ‘Generation One.’   Preschool Story Time is this Wednesday at 11:00 am, 1:15 pm, & 6:30 pm, and Toddler