Loan Periods & Fines

Loan Periods

All regular and new material:  3 weeks (21 days)
This includes books, videos, audiobooks, magazines, kits, almost everything that has a barcode on it.

Rapid Reads:  3 or 7 days
Found on the Newly Acquired shelf, these are additional copies of high-demand items, available on a first-come first-served.  A bright label on the cover indicates the loan period.

In-House Use Only

  • Reference material
  • Current magazine issues


  • All regular material:  2 renewals, unless someone requests it
  • New material:  No renewals
  • Rapid Reads:  No renewals


  • All regular items, new material and current magazine issues:  up to 25 holds at a time
  • Rapid Reads:  no holds
  • Reference material:  no holds


$0.20 per day, to a maximum of $5 per item.