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COVID-19 Safety Plan

As of 8 July, the Cranbrook Public Library is pleased to welcome patrons back into the building.  Our goal is to provide the very best library services we can in a safe and welcoming environment, with enhanced precautions to address the impacts of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

On this page you will find information on what services you can expect during your visit, as well as those that are not currently available.  There are guidelines you can take to ensure you have a good visit, and details on what staff are doing to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Library Takeout is still available by appointment.

Hours of Operation

Open to Public
Sunday 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Monday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Tuesday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Thursday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Friday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Saturday 12:00 pm –  4:00 pm

The Cranbrook Public Library is closed, and Library Takeout is unavailable, on all statutory holidays.

What You Can Do

Stay Safe during Your Visit

Up to 40 patrons can be in the Library at a time, so you may have to wait outside if it gets really busy.

Once inside, you will notice that there are glass barriers at the Welcome Desk and Information Desk so staff can serve you safely.  Signs are posted around the library to help you stay safe during your visit.  Please observe them.

Visit Guidelines
  • Do not visit if you are feeling unwell, have a fever or a cough
  • Keep your visits brief, we recommend 60 minutes
  • Disinfect your hands using the hand sanitizer at the entrance and by the computers
  • Keep 2 meters of physical distance between yourself and others
  • We are a mask friendly environment. For the safety of all library users please remember to wear your mask or face covering at all times during your visit. Masks will be provided to those that don’t have one.
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow, even if you are wearing a mask
  • Do not eat or drink inside the library during your visit

Browse the Shelves

You can browse all the shelves to find what you want to borrow.  Just make sure you keep 2 meters between you and anyone else.  There’s a limit of 3 people per aisle in the adult collections, and 1 family group per aisle in the children’s library, to make it easier to keep your distance.

Re-shelving Carts – Put any items you look at but decide not to borrow on one of the re-shelving carts.  Staff will collect, sanitize and re-shelve them at the end of each day.

Staff can help you find what you are looking for.  Ask at the Information Desk for assistance.

Borrow Material

Self-Checkout Kiosk – We encourage you to use one of our two new self-checkout kiosks to borrow material.  We’ve spaced them apart to reduce line-ups.  One is at the Welcome Desk and the other is at the end of Row 13/14.  All you have to do is scan your library card and place the items in a pile of up to 5 items at a time on the pad, tap done and decide if you want a receipt.  You can also pay any fines or fees using either a debit or credit card.

CloudLibrary App – You can use your phone to borrow material when you download the free Bibliotheca CloudLibrary app.  After getting everything setup, all you have to do is select checkout, scan the barcode of each item you want to borrow, and put them on the App Checkout pad at the Welcome Desk to complete the checkout when you are ready to leave.  You can use the app anywhere in the Library, so you can avoid all queues.

Staff at the Welcome Desk – Staff is happy to check out the material for you, and help with any issues you may face using the kiosk or app.

Library Takeout – If you are not ready to come into the library yet, use the Library Takeout curbside pickup service.  It is available Monday through Saturday.  Place your order online or call us at 250 426 4063.  We will get everything ready and call you to schedule a pick-up time.

Return Material

Return all material using the exterior returns at the Kootenay Street entrance.  For your convenience, these returns are always open.  The inside returns are closed for now.

All items are quarantined for 24 hours immediately after you return them.  Then staff cleans each item, checks it in and shelves it while the library is closed.

Please note, BC OneCard borrowers need to return items borrowed here to our library, not to a library in another community.

Public Computers and Printing

There are 6 public access computers available to use for a 60-minute session.  There is also 2 computer for teens, one for children, and one iPad for children to use.

You have to go to the Information Desk to reserve a computers.  This is done so that staff have enough time to sanitize the workstations between each use.  We ask that you sanitize your hands right before using the computer, even if you just did so when coming in.  Use it again afterwards.

Free wi-fi is available throughout the Library, in the parking lot and around the outside of the building.

Printing – You can print from any of the public access computers, or from your laptop or mobile device using our new Mobile Printing option.  Photocopying and faxing is also available.

Information Desk

Staff can help you find answers to your questions.  Staff can also help you find what you are looking for, give you ideas for what to read, watch or listen to next, and help you use our online services, computers and printer.  Drop by the Information Desk for in-person assistance, call 250 426 4063, send an email or chat live via our website.

Places to Sit

There is limited seating at the south-side study counter and a table by the Information Desk.  There are sanitizing wipes by the public computers that people can use to wipe down the chair and countertop before and after using it.  Remember to try to keep your stay brief, we recommend 60 minutes.

What is Not Available

While staff would love to offer the library’s full range of services to you right now, the reality is that we cannot because of the current situation.  Please understand that there is a good reason, based on keeping all of us safe, if we have to tell you we are unable to provide a service or accommodate a specific request at this time.

In-Person Programming – Much as we want to offer in-person programs again, we cannot do it in a safe manner at this time.  We continue to offer virtual programs via social media and Zoom.

Lounge Seating – Lounge chairs have been removed to encourage patrons to keep their visits brief, and for the safety of everyone in the library.  The breastfeeding chair is available in the Children’s Library for the use of breastfeeding mothers.  We recognize that a baby needs to be fed when it’s hungry.

Children’s Puppet Theatre and Toys – These have been removed because it is difficult to keep track of when they are used and clean them quickly afterwards.

What Staff are Doing to Stay Safe

Staff have been trained in, and follow, a range of health and safety protocols, including:

  • not coming to work if they are feeling unwell;
  • how to properly wash hands, wear face masks, and maintain a physical distance of 2 meters between each other and patrons;
  • washing or sanitizing hands frequently;
  • maintaining physical distancing of 2 meters whether in the workroom or when helping the public;
  • wearing a face mask when helping patrons on the floor;
  • cleaning high-touch surfaces around the library and in the staff workroom frequently;
  • observing enhanced protocols for specific tasks;
  • using recommended cleaners and disinfectants.

The library provides staff with face masks, face shields, gloves, cleaners and disinfectants that they keep at their workstations for their use.

Over and above the measures noted above, staff use a daily checklist to ensure sanitization supplies are stocked, high-touch surfaces are cleaned regularly throughout the day, and that signage is clear and accurate.  Staff also hold regular briefings to ensure any issues that come up can be dealt with quickly.

Read the Cranbrook Public Library’s complete safety plan and protocols:

COVID-19 Safety Plan Phased Service Restoration Plan COVID-19 Safety Protocols

What to Look Forward To

The Library Board and staff are closely monitoring the situation within our community, in BC, in Canada and around the world.  If the situation is stable or improves, hours of operation and the range of services will expand over time, although some services may not be fully restored until the province moves into Phase 4 of its Restart Plan.

If the situation deteriorates, the plans we have put in place make it possible for us to reduce services again.  It is our sincere hope that we will never have to do this, but we will in order to keep our staff and patrons safe.