At the Library for May 19, 2015

At the Library for May 19, 2015

Last Updated 2015/05/17

In ‘Fire and Ice,’ Jonathan Mingle charts how black carbon (soot created from inefficient fires) has all but decimated the small Himalayan village of Kumik. Even though he was Jewish,

At the Library for May 12 2015

Last Updated 2015/05/11

In ‘The Right to be Cold,’ Sheila Watt-Cloutier charts her life from an abusive childhood full of obstacles to becoming one of the most influential and decorated environmental, cultural, and

At the Library for May 05 2015

Last Updated 2015/05/04

Brand new travel guides are now available, including ones to France, Scotland, Southeast Asia, Ireland, and Western Canada. Ian Graham helps young stargazers understand our galaxy with his latest books–

At the Library for April 28 2015

Last Updated 2015/04/29

John Brockman’s ‘This Idea Must Die’ is a collection of essays by top scientists all addressing the question “which scientific idea needs to retire.” String theory, laboratory mice, and nature