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Library Takeout

Last Updated 2020/06/10

In times of uncertainty, books can provide a safe haven where our spirits can be lifted up and our imaginations can roam freely.  To get books into the hands of our community’s readers, the Cranbrook Public Library is launching a curbside pickup service for its members. It only takes 3 steps: Place your order online

Computer & Internet Use

Last Updated 2020/10/09

  Public Computers with Internet Access Currently, the Cranbrook Public Library is offering free, 1 hour public computer access to both members and non-members on a first come, first serve basis during operating hours. Computer reservations must be made upon arrival at either the Information Desk or the Welcome Desk to ensure sanitization between users.

Special Collections

Last Updated 2013/07/15

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Equipment Rental

Last Updated 2019/02/13

You can rent the following pieces of equipment from the Library: Equipment Daily Rate Weekly Rate Digital Projector $75 $175 Television with DVD player and Stereo (Manual Training School Use Only)  $30  $70 Flip Chart and Markers (Manual Training School Use Only) $5 $15   You must have a credit card for all equipment rentals

Homebound Services

Last Updated 2019/02/13

This services if for Cranbrook Residents who are unable to physically come to the Cranbrook Public Library and borrow materials. Operated by volunteers and staff, this service lets people in the community who are physically unable to visit the Library borrow material and have it delivered to them once a month. Please telephone the Library


Last Updated 2019/12/11

People can print or photocopy at the Library. Photocopying/Printing Cost Black & White $0.20 per page Colour $0.75 per page Scanning/Faxing Cost Scanning $0.20 per page Faxing – Canada or US $0.50 per page Faxing – International $1.00 per page    

Meeting Room Rentals

Last Updated 2020/03/02

The Manual Training School Meeting & Small Conference Centre is a spacious community facility ideal groups wanting to hold meetings, workshops, small conferences, corporate retreats, or informational, educational or cultural programs. The centre is a City of Cranbrook facility managed by the Library, connected to the Library and located next to a residential neighbourhood. It

Our Services

Last Updated 2019/02/13