At the Library for May 28th, 2019

At the Library for May 28th, 2019

Last Updated 2019/05/27

    Historian Douglas Brinkley examines the humans and machines that made the first lunar landing possible in his exhaustive ‘American Moonshot.’   After befriending a dragon, a sick child

At the Library for May 21st, 2019.

Last Updated 2019/05/19

    In ‘The Pursuit of Endurance,’ Jennifer Pharr Davis describes how she broke the world record for hiking the Appalachian Trail, which she did in 46 days, 11 hours,

At the Library for may 14th, 2019

Last Updated 2019/05/19

    James Carl Nelson’s ‘The Polar Bear Expedition’ tells the little known story of how thousands of American soldiers battled in the Red Army in 1919, facing brutal winter

At the Library for May 7th, 2019

Last Updated 2019/05/06

    ‘Watch Your Tongue’ has author Mark Abley exploring everyday saying and idioms, and what their frequent use says about us.   With the help of her father, preteen

At the Library for April 16th, 2019

Last Updated 2019/04/15

    If Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ took place in South Africa, it would resemble Deon Meyer’s latest thriller, ‘Fever.’ Preschool Story Time is this Wednesday at 11:00 am, 1:15

At the Library for April 9th, 2019

Last Updated 2019/04/08

    Katy Butler examines the final stage common to everyone in her latest book ‘The Art of Dying Well.’   Raj Haldar explains why the words like Knight, Gnat,

At the Library for March 26th, 2019

Last Updated 2019/03/25

Cecelia Ahern’s ‘Roar’ features 30 short stories about 30 women; all hoping for a different type of life. Elizabeth Noll’s teaches young readers the basics of computer language in two

At the Library for March 19th, 2019

Last Updated 2019/03/18

Rick James (not the singer) tells the little known story of how BC supplied our American neighbors with booze during Prohibition in ‘Don’t Never Tell Nobody Nothin’ No How.’ P.J

At the Library for March 12th, 2019

Last Updated 2019/03/11

New this week on DVD is the Oscar-winning ‘A Star is Born,’ –the fourth time this story has been filmed (1976, 1954, and 1937). Animals and humans collide in the

At the Library for March 5th, 2019

Last Updated 2019/03/05

Markus Torgeby could break running records in training, yet always lost during competitions. To figure out why, he spent four years living in the Swedish woods; living in a tent