At the Library for December 24th, 2019

At the Library for December 24th, 2019

Last Updated 2019/12/24

    Lee Child explores the legacy of fictional heroes and how they impact the modern world in his first work of nonfiction titled ‘The Hero.’   ‘Bethany Blair and

At the Library for December 17th, 2017

Last Updated 2019/12/17

    In ‘Mudlark,’ Lara Maiklem describes the archaeological treasures she finds along the River Thames, helping to piece together London’s history as far back as 43 AD.   A

At the Library for December 10th, 2019

Last Updated 2019/12/10

  In ‘Touched by the Sun’ singer Carly Simon explains how a brief meeting led to a life-long friendship with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Geronimo Stilton must once again travel to

At the Library for December 3rd, 2019.

Last Updated 2019/12/03

    From baby to angst-ridden teen, Pamela Paul gives parents all the tools needed to instill a love of reading in their children in her latest book ‘How to

At the Library for November 26th, 2019

Last Updated 2019/11/26

    Ken McGoogan charts the Scots who chose to settle in Canada after being evicted from their ancestral homelands in his latest book ‘Flight of the Highlanders.’   Whatever

At the Library for November 19th, 2019

Last Updated 2019/11/19

  Crime writer Walter Mosley (The Devil in a Blue Dress) explains what exactly every good story needs in his latest work ‘The Elements of Fiction.’   Long-time Cranbrook teacher

At the Library for November 12th, 2019

Last Updated 2019/11/12

    Henry Russell’s ‘Around the World in 80 Novels’ is a grand tour of literary destinations guaranteed to make one start packing.   A new shopping mall seeks to

At the Library for November 5th, 2019

Last Updated 2019/11/05

    Timothy C. Winegard’s ‘Mosquito’ explores the history of this buzzing pest, who has actually been responsible for the death of 50 percent of all humans who have ever

At the Library for October 29th, 2019

Last Updated 2019/10/29

    Elton John describes his extraordinary musical life, all the while making fun of himself in his hilarious, touching, and aptly titled memoir ‘Me.’   A young girl searches

At the Library for October 22, 2019

Last Updated 2019/10/22

    At the time of his death, Stieg Larsson (‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) was investigating the assassination of Sweden’s prime minister in 1986. ‘The Man Who Played