At the Library for September 10th, 2019

Updated 2019/09/10



Jon Gartner’s ‘The Ice at the End of the World’ examines Greenland’s history through its current melting ice sheet.


Jodie Wheeler-Toppen’s ‘Edible Science’ explains to younger readers how to create science experiments one can eat.


StoryTime and Baby LapTime are both on hiatus until later this month.


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The provincial interlibrary loan service has updated their website and have changed their name from OUTLOOK to ILLUME. It is much easier to navigate, but please contact the library should you need any help.


On display this month is Heather Buhler’s incredible collection of “Wings and Strings”—a celebration of birds in music.





Objects Closer Than They Appear – G. P. Greenwood   (819.6)

Two Trains Leave Paris: Number Problems for Word People   (510.76)

The Last Elephants – Don Pinnock   (599.67)

Indigenous Relations – Bob Joseph   (305.897071)

How to Lose A Country – Ece Temelkuran   (320.5662)

Twitch for Dummies – Tee Morris   (006.7876)

The Handbook of Bird Families – Jonathan Elphick   (598)

Punch Needle – Arounna Khounnoraj   (746.442)

The Art of Weed Butter – Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey   (641.6379)

Food of the Italian South – Katie Parla   (641.5945)

Troll Hunting – Ginger Gorman   (302.343)

The CBD Kitchen – Leah Vanderveldt   (641.6353)

The Enemy of the People – Jim Acosta   (323.4450973)

The Ice at the End of the World – Jon Gertner   (559.82)

Natural Living Style – Selina Lake   (747)

Get Knooking – Laura Strutt   (746.434)

100 Dives of a Lifetime – Carrie Miller   (797.2)

The Tenth Muse – Catherine Chung   (fic)

The Stationery Shop – Marjan Kamali   (fic)

The Perfect Fraud – Ellen LaCorte   (fic)

The Perfect Plan – Bryan Reardon   (fic)

Call Your Daughter Home – Deb Spera   (fic)

Layover – David Bell   (fic)

The Woman in Our House – Andrew Hart   (fic)

The Spies of Shilling Lane – Jennifer Ryan   (fic)

My Life As A Rat – Joyce Carol Oates   (fic)

On A Summer Tide – Suzanne Woods Fisher   (fic)

Whiskers in the Dark – Rita Mae Brown   (mys)

The Road to Grantchester – James Runchie   (mys)

Spinning Silver – Naomi Novik   (sci fic)





Those Who Run in the Sky – Aviaq Johnston   (ya fic)

This Place — Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm   (ya fic)

XL – Scott Brown   (ya fic)

Edible Science – Jodie Wheeler-Toppen   (j 507.8)

Where is Antarctica – Sarah Fabiny   (j 919.98)

The Ballet Book – Deborah Bowes   (j 792.8)

Marvel Studios Character Encyclopedia   (j 741.5352)

Just Joking Sports – Joe Funk   (818.602)

Seven Wonders of the Milky Way – David A. Aguilar   (j 523.113)

Famous Buildings   (j 720)