At the Library for September 4th, 2019

Updated 2019/09/01



Tshaukuesh Elizabeth Penashue’s ‘Nitinikiau Innusi’ (I Keep the Land Alive) is the Labrador Innu cultural and environmental activist’s personal diary, charting her day-to-day experiences as well as speeches, court appearances, and interviews with reporters.


A young boy struggles to discover whether he is real or a robot in Padraig Kenny’s latest book ‘Tin.’


StoryTime and Baby LapTime are both on hiatus until later this month.


Thank-you to everyone who participated in this year’s record breaking Summer Reading Club. Congratulations to all 708 participants—and a giant thank-you to all parents and community sponsors. If you were unable to attend last week’s closing ceremonies, you can still pick up your medal and certificate at the Library until September 30th.


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The provincial interlibrary loan service has updated their website and have changed their name from OUTLOOK to ILLUME. It is much easier to navigate, but please contact the library should you need any help.


On display this month is Heather Buhler’s incredible collection of “Wings and Strings”—a celebration of birds in music.






Behind Putin’s Curtain – Stephan Orth   (947.0864)

It’s Great to Suck at Something – Karen Rinaldi   (158.1)

The Secret Wisdom of Nature – Peter Wohlleben   (508)

Reading the Clouds – Oliver Perkins   (551.576)

Talk to Me – Dean Nelson   (070.43)

Beating Endo – Iris Kerin Orbuch   (618.152)

Complicated Simplicity – Joy Davis   (979.50094)

Consumer and Debt Law   (99.4207)

No Visible Bruises – Rachel Louise Snyder   (362.8292097)

Take Control of Type 1 Diabetes – David Cavan   (616.4622)

By Snowshoe, Buckboard, and Steamer – Kathryn Bridge   (971.102)

The New Business of Consulting – Elaine Biech   (658.46)

Underland – Robert Macfarlane   (551.447)

Essential Wilderness Navigation – Craig Caudill   (796.58)

Sleep – Lisa Varadi   (616.8498)

The Girl in the Shadows – Katy Morgan-Davies   (bio)

Nitinikiau Innusi – Tshaukuesh Elizabeth Penashue   (bio)

The Daughters of Temperance Hobbs – Katherine Howe   (fic)

How We Disappeared – Jing-Jing Lee   (fic)

The Yankee Widow – Linda Lael Miller   (fic)

You, Me, and the Sea – Meg Donohue   (fic)

Queen Bee – Dorothea Benton Frank   (fic)

Disappearing Earth – Julia Phillips   (fic)

The Last Collection – Jeanne Mackin   (fic)

Sweet on You – Becky Wade   (fic)

This Storm – James Ellroy   (mys)

Strong as Steel – Jon Land   (mys)

Sidney Sheldon’s The Silent Widow – Tilly Bagshawe   (mys)

Fall – Neal Stephenson   (sci fic)

Robert B. Parker’s Buckskin – Robert Knott   (west)

Widows   (DVD)

Halloween (2018) (DVD)

Parkland Inside Building 12   (DVD)

Captain Marvel   (DVD)

Five Fingers for Marseilles   (DVD)




They Both Die At The End – Adam Silvera   (ya fic)

We Rule the Night – Claire Eliza Bartlett   (ya fic)

Snowy Owl Invasion – Sandra Markle   (j 598.97)

Shifting Shadows – Erin Hunter   (j fic)

Tin – Padraig Kenny   (j fic)

Earth to Charlie – Justin Olson   (j fic)

Milo & Otis   (j DVD)

Barbie: The Pearl Princess   (j DVD)

Barbie: Mariposa & the Fairy   (j DVD)