At the Library for January 29th, 2019

Updated 2019/01/28

Family secrets are exposed when an elderly woman begins to remember her past in Sofia Lundberg’s ‘The Red Address Book.’

Jennifer Calvert’s ‘Teen Trailblazers’ looks at the lives and accomplishments of fearless girls who changed the world while still in their teens.

Preschool Story Time is this Wednesday at 11:00 am, 1:15 pm, & 6:30 pm, and Toddler Story Time is 10:00 and 11:00 am. Both will be all about moons and stars! Baby Laptime is every Thursday at 11 am.

The Friends of the Library are having a “Winter Madness Sale” on Friday, February. 1st and Saturday, February 2nd. The Friday sale runs from 5pm to 7pm, and is for Friends’ members only. Saturday runs from 9 am to 4 pm, and is open to the public. There will be a wide variety of books for sale, plus books, CDs, DVDs, audiobooks, records, puzzles, games and magazines.

The Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy has partnered with the library this year to celebrate Family Literacy Day. Come to the Library on Tuesday, January 29th, at 6 pm for an evening of fun, food, games, and activities. This year’s theme is TAKE 20—which encourages families spend 20 minutes per day engaged in learning. A list of TAKE 20 ideas can be found here:

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The Cranbrook Public Library Endowment Fund gives people an opportunity to create a meaningful legacy, to build a strong foundation in the present for the future of the Library. For more information about how you can contribute, please phone us at 250-426-4063 Ext: 1001, or visit this link:

On display this month are the incredible wooden boxes handcrafted by Kimberley’s Raymond Benetean.


Bong Appetit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed (641.6379)
Can You Learn to Be Lucky – Karla Starr (158.1)
Ed Stafford’s Ultimate Adventure Guide – Ed Stafford (910.2)
Day Trips Around Toronto – John Barber (917.1354)
Fabulous Figures – Jane Davenport (741.2)
Handmade – Asa Christiana (745)
The Craft of Veneering – Craig Thibodeau (684.08)
The Painted Art Journal – Jeanne Oliver (702.81)
The Secret Life of Language – Simon Pulleyn (417.7)
5-Minutes Watercolor – Samantha Nielsen (751.422)
Naturally Nourished – Sarah Britton (641.5636)
Let’s Talk About Death Over Dinner – Michael Hebb (306.9)
Gender: Your Guide – Lee Airton (305.3)
The Red Address Book – Sofia Lundberg (fic)
Evergreen Tidings from the Baumgartners – Gretchen Anthony (fic)
A Well-Behaved Woman – Therese Anne Fowler (fic) (CD audio)
The Feral Detective – Jonathan Lethem (mys) (CD audio)
If I Live – Terri Blackstock (mys)
If I Run – Terri Blackstock (mys)
If I’m Found – Terri Blackstock (mys)
Watching You – Lisa Jewell (mys)
Cold Case – Quintin Jardine (mys)
Liar Liar – James Patterson (mys)
Siege of Stone – Terry Goodkind (sci fic)
Hazards of Time Travel – Joyce Carol Oates (sci fic) (CD audio)
The Little Stranger (DVD)
The Handmaid’s Tale: Season 2 (DVD)


Teen Trailblazers – Jennifer Calvert (ya 920.72)
And The Ocean Was Our Sky – Patrick Ness (ya fic)
Broken Things – Lauren Oliver (ya fic)
Last Seen – Sara Shepard (ya fic)
Follow Me – Sara Shepard (ya fic)
Light Years – Kass Morgan (ya fic)
I Am Not a Cereal Box: The Recycling Project Book (j 745.54)
Build Your Own Chain Reaction Machine – Paul Long (j 621.8)
Ghosts of Greenglass House – Kate Milford (j fic)
Astrid the Unstoppable – Maria Parr (j fic)