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At the Library for June 27th, 2017

Updated 2017/06/26




When Pakistan gained its independence in 1947, one its aims was to protect the country’s religious minorities. Yet almost immediately, political and religious leaders declared it an Islamic country.  In ‘Purifying the Land of the Pure’ author Farahnaz Ispahani examines how his country’s politics have regrettably sanctioned religious intolerance.

Ten-year old Lemonade teams up with her town’s only Bigfoot investigator to not only try and locate any sasquatch, but also as a way to deal with her mother’s death in Melissa Savage’s ‘Lemons.’


Registration for the Summer Reading Club is ongoing all summer.  Kids can register then and receive their kits for the club.  The actual start date is July 4th, but feel free to register any time before. Please check out our website, Facebook page, or call 250-426-4063 Ext: 106 for more information. This is going to be the best Summer Club yet.


FREE one-on-one tech training session for those of you who want to enhance your current computing skills. We cover many topics including Basic Tablet usage, Basic Computer usage, Windows 10 training, Window 8 + 8.1 training, Window 7 training, Microsoft Suit training, Library E book training, and much more. To register, please contact the Library at (250) 426-4063, or sign up at the front desk.


Please note the Library will be closed this Saturday, July 1st, 2017 for Canada Day.


On display this month is a collection of turn-of-the-century antiques, books, photographs and other items in celebration of Sam Steel Days this month.


Our website is up and running at:


The Cranbrook Public Library Endowment Fund gives people an opportunity to create a meaningful legacy, to build a strong foundation in the present for the future of the Library. For more information about how you can contribute, please visit:





Grandeur of the Canadian Rockies – Meghan J. Ward   (971.1233)

Active Vancouver – Roy Jantzen   (971.1133)

The Great Outdoors: A User’s Guide – Brendan Leonard   (796.5)

Purifying the Land of the Pure – Farahnaz Ispahani   (305.60954)

Days of Awe and Wonder – Marcus J. Borg   (230)

Irresistible – Adam Alter   (302.231)

Spoils – Brian Van Reet   (fic)

Ginny Moon – Benjamin Ludwig   (fic)

Ominous – Lisa Jackson   (mys)

Kingsman: The Secret Service   (DVD)

The Fish Between the Falls   (DVD)

Memento  (Blu-ray) (DVD)

Out of Africa   (Blu-ray) (DVD)





Rebel of the Sands – Alwyn Hamilton   (ya fic)

The 100: Rebellion – Kass Morgan   (ya fic)

The Big Book of Canada – Christopher Moore   (j 971)

Dragonwatch – Brandon Mull   (j fic)

George – Alex Gino   (j fic)

Theodore Boone: The Scandal – John Grisham   (j fic)

Lemons – Melissa Savage   (j fic)



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