At the Library for May 2nd, 2017

Updated 2017/05/01




In ‘The Compassionate Achiever’ author Christopher L. Kukk explains that true success is only possible through the helping of others.


‘Nuts to You’ is a novel for younger readers, about two squirrels who go to extraordinary lengths to save a friend who was snatched away by a hawk.


Preschool Story Time is this Wednesday at 11:00 am, 1:15 pm, & 6:30 pm, and Toddler Story Time is 10:00 and 11:00 am. Both will be all about scarecrows! Please note there are only three Story Times left before summer. May 19th will be our last one. I hope everyone comes out for the next 3 weeks.


New this year is Baby Laptime on Fridays at 1 pm. This program is for babies who are not yet walking so a specific age is not really set—best approximation is under 1 year of age.  Since we do not have daycare for older siblings we ask that parents who have babies and children who are walking come to the toddler storytime instead of the baby laptime.

What a whirlwind event! The Friends of the Library would like to thank the public for all the support at the recent Garage Sale.  Whether bringing in those great donations or purchasing items the next day, this was recycling at its best.  At the end of the sale the unsold treasures were distributed to local charity shops. Thank you to all who took part.


FREE one-on-one tech training session for those of you who want to enhance your current computing skills. We cover many topics including Basic Tablet usage, Basic Computer usage, Windows 10 training, Window 8 + 8.1 training, Window 7 training, Microsoft Suit training, Library E book training, and much more. To register, please contact the Library at (250) 426-4063, or sign up at the front desk.


On display this month is Bill Dove’s extensive Falconry display, including equipment, books, photos, and a host of information about this sport. 


Our website is up and running at:


The Cranbrook Public Library Endowment Fund gives people an opportunity to create a meaningful legacy, to build a strong foundation in the present for the future of the Library. For more information about how you can contribute, please visit:





The Compassionate Achiever – Christopher L. Kukk   (177.7)

Black Flaggs: The Rise of Isis – Joby Warrick   (956.054)

The Unmade Bed – Stephen Marche   (306.7)

The Food Lover’s Garden – Jenni Blackmore   (635)

Ancient Map for Modern Birth – Pam England   (618.45)

Madame President – Helen Cooper   (bio)

Prince Charles – Sally Bedell Smith   (bio)

The Thing About Love – Julie James   (fic)

Encircling – Carl Frode Tiller   (fic)

Julieta – Alice Munro   (fic)

Chacher Ghochar – Vivek Shanbhag   (fic)

Speakeasy – Alisa Smith   (fic)

Oath of Honor – Matthew Betley   (fic)

A Trial in Venice – Roberta Rich   (fic)

A Stolen Heart – Amanda Cabot   (fic)

The Cutthroat – Clive Cussler   (fic)

Outline – Rachel Cusk   (fic) (e-book)

A Twist in Time – Julie McElwain   (mys)

The Fix – David Baldacci   (mys) (audio CD)

Gone Without a Trace – Mary Torjussen   (mys)

The Astonishing Mistakes of Dahlia Moss – Max Wirestone   (mys)

Find Me – J. S. Munroe   (mys)

The Forgotten Girls – Owen Laukkanen   (mys)

Lotus Blue – Cat Sparks   (sci fic)

The Return – Joseph Helmreich   (sci fic)

Under the Sun   (DVD)

The Russian Woodpecker   (DVD)

American Violet   (DVD)

Songs My Brother Taught Me   (DVD)

Magnificent Seven (2016) (DVD)

Sing Street   (DVD)




Beheld – Alex Finn  (ya fic)

Velocity – Chris Wooding  (ya fic)

Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes – Rick Riordan   (j fic) (e-book)

The Goldfish Boy – Lisa Thompson   (j fic)

Nuts to You – Lynne Rae Perkins   (j fic) (e-book)

Robot Revolution – James Patterson   (j fic)

Transformer’s Rescue Bots: Bot’s Battle for Justice   (j DVD)

20 Sing-A-Long Stories   (j DVD)