Updated 2016/10/17


The Province has proclaimed October as Library Month – it’s a great time to celebrate literacy and check out your local library to see how it’s evolving to support your community today.
Libraries help British Columbians from all walks of life access the services and programs they need to be successful in our changing world. More than just books on shelves, B.C. libraries are keeping up with evolving technologies and adapting to the needs of people today and in the future.
Here’s how you can use your library to get connected to your community and the world:
• You can visit from anywhere. Access e-books, digital newspapers, research databases and find a program or event to attend all from your library’s website.
• They’re busier than ever before. Total library visits in person and online have more than doubled since 2004, and 38.6% of British Columbians have an active library card.
• They have a lot to offer! Libraries circulated over 53 million items last year, including e-readers, story-kits and book club sets.
• Need to access a computer? Go use one at your library! Computer workstations in public libraries were used 4.1 million times last year. That’s 2.4 million more times than in 2004.
• Get involved in your community by joining a conversation circle, study group or summer reading club. In 2015 British Columbians attended library programs 1.6 million times and a record-high 66,000 programs were offered.
• They get you connected. British Columbians used libraries’ free Wi-Fi services 4.5 million times in 2015. That’s an increase of 42% from the year before.
• You don’t have to be a bookworm. Today’s libraries house collections of DVDs, video games, comic books, CDs, maps and sometimes even musical instruments.
• Get tech-savvy. You can learn a lot about technology and computers at your library. Many libraries offer courses on basic computer skills, and some even have coding and robotics camps.
• On the hunt for a job? Many libraries offer resume building workshops and have printers for public use.