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At the Library for August 2nd, 2016

Updated 2016/07/31

70 years after the end of World War II, the era of Nazi hunting is finally coming to an end. Andrew Nagorski’s ‘The Nazi Hunters’ tells the full saga of how a small band of men and women relentlessly tracked down war criminals all over the world.

11-year old Kristen Kelly demonstrates how to do easy magic tricks with the help of her magician Dad in ‘Abracadabra: Fun Magic Tricks for Kids.’

Storytime is on hiatus until September, but the Summer Reading Club is in full swing.

The 2016 Summer Reading Club theme is Book a Trip! Summer Reading Club is FREE for children and teens and registration is ongoing all summer. There are weekly programs, contests, prizes, movie nights, and much more. Please check our website, our Facebook page, or call us at 250-426-4063 for more information.

Calling all writers aged 6-12! Have you written a story for the Summer Reading Club Story-Writing Contest? You could win an awesome prize and have your story published in the Daily Townsman! Stories must be 800 words or less and submitted at the library by 5:00pm on August 13th. Stories should be based off our Book A Trip theme. Happy writing!

FREE one-on-one tech training session for those of you who want to enhance your current computing skills. We cover many topics including Basic Tablet usage, Basic Computer usage, Windows 10 training, Window 8 + 8.1 training, Window 7 training, Microsoft Suit training, Library E book training, and much more. To register, please contact the Library at (250) 426-4063, or sign up at the front desk.

We have partnered with the Cranbrook Garden Club to create a new collection of seeds, available at no charge. Now you can check out a packet of seeds, plant them, harvest the next generation of seeds, and return them so other people can check them out. Don’t forget the Library also has countless gardening books, magazines and even DVDs.

Our website is up and running at:


The Fibromanual – Ginevra Liptan (616.742)
Man Interrupted – Philip Zimbardo (305.31)
Gluten Exposed – Peter H.R. Green (616.399)
The Big Five – Sanjiv Chopra (613.2)
The Idiot Brain – Dean Burnett (612.8)
Brown: What Being Brown in the World Means to Everyone – Kamal Al-Solaylee (305.8)
The Winter Fortress – Neal Bascomb (940.5486481)
The Nazi Hunters – Andrew Nagorski (940.5318)
Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun: Unceded Territories – Karen Duffek (759.11)
The Metal Detecting Bible – Brandon Neice (622.19)
Broth & Stock from the Nourished Kitchen – Jennifer McGruther (641.813)
You Don’t Have to Be a Shark – Robert Herjavec (658.85)
Do It Like a Woman & Change The World – Caroline Criado-Perez (305.42)
Star Trek The Official Guide to Our Universe – Andrew Fazekas (523)
How to Make Sourdough — Emmanuel Hadjiandreou (641.815)
Visual Intelligence – Amy E. Herman (152.14)
The Happy Medium – Kim Russo (133.91)
The Comeback: How Today’s Mom’s Reenter the Workplace – Cheryl Casone (331.4)
Devoured – Sophie Egan (394.120973)
Surviving City Hall – Donna MacDonald (bio)
Christy Clark: Behind the Smile – Judy Tyabji (bio)
Morge: A Life in Death — Vincent Di Maio (bio)
The Vegas Diaries – Holly Madison (bio)
The Mirror Thief – Martin Seay (fic)
Happy People Read & Drink Coffee – Agnes Martin-Lugand (fic)
Fever at Dawn – Peter Gardos (fic)
The Reader on the 6.27 – Jean-Paul Didierlaurent (fic)
June – Miranda Beverly-Whittemore (fic)
One With You – Sylvia Day (fic)
I Carried You Home – Alan Gibney (fic)
The Ones Who Matter Most – Rachael Herron (fic)
The Charmers – Elizabeth Alder (mys)
A Killer Ball at Honeychurch Hall – Hannah Dennison (mys)
Forgive Me – Daniel Palmer (mys)
Private Investigations – Quintin Jardine (mys)
Boar Island – Nevada Barr (mys)
Dark Run – Mike Brooks (sci fic)
The Invisible Library – Genevieve Cogman (sci fic)
Murdoch Mysteries: Season 8 (DVD)
The Revenant (DVD)
Mr. Robot: Season 1 (DVD)
Spectre (Blu-ray)
Your Love Never Fails (DVD)


Invision – Sherilynn Kenyon (ya fic)
Dan Versus Nature – Don Calame (ya fic)
A Tangle of Gold – Jaclyn Moriarty (ya fic)
How To Pee: Potty Training For Girls – Todd Spector (j 649.62)
The Huron – Christine Webster (j 971.00497555)
Winnipeg Jets – Ramey Temple (j 796.962)
Off Road Vehicles – Penny Worms (j 629.22042)
Abracadabra: Fun Magic Tricks for Kids – Kristen Kelly (793.8)
We’re Going to the Smith’s House: A Book About Apostrophes – Marie Powell (j 428.13)
What Did He Say?: A Book About Quotation Marks – Tessa Kenan (j 428.13)
Gophers – Aaron Carr (j 599.3599)
How to Live Like a Stone-Age Hunter – Anita Ganeri (j 930.12)
An Author’s Odyssey – Chris Colfer (j fic)

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