At the Library for August 25th, 2015

Updated 2015/08/24

In ‘The Intimate Bond’ Brian Fagan charts our historic relationship with animals, from the first wolf that walked into a caveman’s camp and found companionship to our modern day pets.

Marliee Peters explains to young readers how scientists solve the mysteries of deadly epidemics throughout history in ‘Patient Zero.’

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A Window Into Our Past by the Columbia Basin Institute of Regional History is only display this month. Don’t miss this amazing display of photographic history, including the shocking name of the Fernie Women’s Hockey Team in 1924.


The Intimate Bond – Brian Fagan (591.5)
Eating Up the West Coast – Brigit Binns (641.5978)
Ultimate Plan Fitness – Jennifer DeCurtins (613.71)
Increase, Decrease – Judith Durant (746.432)
The Fellowship – Philip Zaleski (820.900912)
Maangchih’s Real Korean Cooking (641.59519)
Three Weeks in Quebec City – Christopher Moore (971.049)
The Better Man Project – Bill Phillips (613.04234)
Heading Home with Your Newborn – Laura A. Jana (649.122)
Walhachin – Larry Jacobsen (971.172)
My Story – Asta Plesner Jacobsen (971.2302)
The Vitamin Cure for Arthritis – Robert G. Smith (616.722)
You are a Badass – Jen Sincero (158.1)
Unprocessed – Megan Kimble (394.120973)
Trails of Prince Edward Island – Michael Haynes (917.17)
Oh Joy – Joy Cho (745.5)
Honey – Angelo Prosperi-Porta (641.68)
The Familiar – Mark Z. Danielewski (fic)
Early Warning – Jane Smiley (fic)
The Festival of Insignificance – Milan Kundera (fic)
Dietland – Sarai Walker (fic)
Some Luck – Jane Smiley (fic)
Music for Love or War – Martyn Burke (fic)
Hungry Ghosts – Peggy Blair (mys)
Constant Fear – Daniel Palmer (mys)
See Also Murder – Larry D. Sweazy (mys)


Forged – Erin Bowman (ya fic)
Graffiti Knight – Karen Bass (ya fic)
Fallen – Lauren Kate (ya fic)
Prairie Fire – E.K. Johnston (ya fic)
Power Play – Eric Walters (ya fic)
Egg – Steve Jenkins (j 591.468)
The Children’s Bible (j 220.9505)
Complete Children’s Cookbook (j 641.5)
Super Shark Encyclopedia – Derek Harvey (j 597.3)
Ultimate Star Wars (j 791.4375)
Inside Out: Essential Guide — Steve Bynghall (j 791.43)
Patient Zero – Marilee Peters (j 614.49)
Avis Dolphin – Frieda Wishinsky (j fic)
One Thing Stolen – Beth Kephart (j fic)
Return to Augie Hobble – Lane Smith (j fic)
Seven Wild Sisters – Charles De Lint (j fic)
The Arctic Code – Mathew J. Kirby (j fic)
Audrey Cow – Dan Bar-El (j fic)
The Swallow – Charis Cotter (j fic)