At the Library for August 18th, 2015

Updated 2015/08/17

Orianna Fielding’s ‘Unplugged’ is a guide to rebooting one’s self the same way we do our computers or phones—by unplugging them.

Michelle Mulder’s ‘Trash Talk’ highlights the innovative ideas young people have come up with to deal with the planet’s garbage. One is example is Boyan Slat, a Dutch teenager who invented a system for removing plastic from the world’s oceans, utilizing the sea’s natural currents.

Where did the summer go? Closing Ceremonies for the Summer Reading Club will be on August 25th and 26th at 1:00pm. Kids who have completed a reading log can sign up at the front desk under which day they would like to receive their medal and certificate. Saturday, August 22nd is the last day to turn in reading logs. Please contact us at the Library if you have any questions or need further information..

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There is much more than this happening at the Library. Please check out our Facebook pages and our new website for more information and updates.

A Window Into Our Past by the Columbia Basin Institute of Regional History is only display this month. Don’t miss this amazing display of photographic history, including the shocking name of the Fernie Women’s Hockey Team in 1924.


Lonely Planet Egypt – Anthony Sattin (916.2)
A Force for Good – Daniel Goleman (294.3923)
The Exhaustion Breakthrough – Holly Phillips (613)
Last Man Off – Matt Lewis (910.91673)
Mayors Gone Bad – Philip Slayton (353.465223)
Do Less, Get More – Shaa Wasmund (650.1)
Wildflowers of the Canadian Rockies – G. W. Scotter (582.1309711)
The Sweet Side of Ancient Grains – Erin Dooner (641.815)
Russian Cuisine – Maria Depenweiller (641.5947)
Cocktails for a Crowd – Kara Newman (641.874)
How to Raise an Adult – Julie Lythcott-Haims (306.874)
The Chinese Head Tax…– Arlene Chan (971.004951)
May Clinic A to Z Health Guide (613)
What’s Your Story – Brandon Doman (158)
The Jewelry Recipe Book – Nancy Soriano (745.5942)
On the Shoulder of a Giant – Neil Christopher (398.2097195)
Backache, Stress, and Tension – Hans Kraus (617.564)
Tangled Up – Penny Raile (741.2)
Tell Me A Story in the Dark – John Olive (649.58)
Unplugged – Orianna Fielding (302.231)
Infuse: Oil, Spirit, Water – Eric Prum (641.462)
The World on a Plate – Mina Holland (641.59)
Nut Butters – Mary Loudermilk (641.645)
The Wrong Cat – Lorna Crozier (819.16)
The English Spy – Daniel Silva (fic)
The Naked Eye – Iris Johansen (mys)
Truth or Die – James Patterson (mys)
Glycerine – Garry Ryan (mys)
Nemesis – Catherine Coulter (mys)
Aurora – Kim Stanley Robinson (sci fic)
The First Confessor – Terry Goodkind (sci fic)
The Frozen Ground (DVD)
Drop Dead Diva: Seasons 2 & 3 (DVD)


Sneaky Math – Cy Tymony (ya 510)
The Truth Commission – Susan Juby (ya fic)
The Girl From the Well – Rin Chupeco (ya fic)
Ghost Most Foul – Patti Grayson (ya fic)
The Heir – Kiera Cass (ya fic)
Dragonknight – Donita K. Paul (ya fic)
Flip Turn – Paula Eistenstein (ya fic)
The Wrath and the Dawn – Renee Ahdieh (ya fic)
How to Save a Species – Marilyn Baillie (j 333.952)
Why We Live Where We Live – Kira Vermond (j 304.2)
Tastes Like Music – Maria Birmingham (j 616.8)
Trash Talk – Michelle Mulder (j 363.728)
You can Draw – Damon Toll (j 743)
The Mosquito Brothers – Griffin Ondaatje (j fic)
Theodore Boone: The Fugitive – John Grisham (j fic)
The 4th Garfield Treasury – Jim Davis (j fic)
Life in the Arctic with Nina & Nikita – Julie Ewashen (j fic)
A Warm Welcome – Erica David (j fic)