At the Library for August 11, 2015

Updated 2015/08/10

Robert Kurson’s ‘Pirate Hunters’ recounts the recent discovery of pirate ship Golden Fleece, which was gunned down by the British 350 years ago.

Roy Henry Vickers’ ‘Orca Chief’ is the brightly illustrated retelling of an ancient Tsimshian legend about four hunters who damage the ocean due to their carelessness.

Where did the summer go? Closing Ceremonies for the Summer Reading Club will be on August 25th and 26th at 1:00pm. Kids who have completed a reading log can sign up at the front desk under which day they would like to receive their medal and certificate. Saturday, August 22nd is the last day to turn in reading logs. Please contact us at the Library if you have any questions or need further information..

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A Window Into Our Past by the Columbia Basin Institute of Regional History is only display this month. Don’t miss this amazing display of photographic history, including the shocking name of the Fernie Women’s Hockey Team in 1924.

Please note the Library will be briefly closed this Thursday morning from 9 am to 12 pm.


The Gut Balance Revolution – Gerard E. Mullin (613.25)
Potsdam – Michael Neiberg (940.53141)
Altruism – Ricard Matthieu (178.1)
Talk Rx – Neha Sangwan (613.2)
Risk / Reward – Anne Kreamer (650.1)
Amish Confidential – Levi Stolzfus (791.45)
Fast N’ Loud – Richard Rawlings (629.222)
Pirate Hunters – Robert Kurson (910.916365)
It’s Not Over – Michelangelo Signorile (306.7660973)
A Healthy You – Carol Alt (613.2)
The Gourmet Dad – Dean McDermott (641.5)
The Story of Science – Wise S. Bauer (509)
The World’s War – David Olusoga (940.4)
Go Set A Watchman – Harper Lee (fic)
Emancipation Day – Wayne Grady (fic)
Bitter Greens – Kate Forsyth (fic)
The Death’s Head Chess Club – John Donoghue (fic)
Look Who’s Back – Timur Vermes (fic)
Girl at War – Sara Novic (fic)
Rock with Wings – Anne Hillerman (mys)
Don’t Go Home – Carolyn Hart (mys)
Ming Tea Murder – Laura Childs (mys)
Sacred Journeys with Bruce Feiler (Blu-ray)
Nowhere Safe (DVD)


Princess Academy: The Forgotten Sisters – Shannon Hale (ya fic)
Orca Chief – Roy Henry Vickers (j 398.2)
Gooseberry Park and the Master Plan –Cynthia Rylant (j fic)
The Unmapped Sea – Maryrose Wood (j fic)
Fort – Cynthia DeFelice (j fic)
SuperWhy! (j DVD)