At the Library for June 30, 2015

Updated 2015/06/29

Amanda Bath charts the tragic loss of life of the Johnson Landing landslides at Kootenay Lake, and how the community struggled to rebuild itself in ‘Disaster in Paradise.’

George Harrison presents a wide range of entertaining and fun activities to help kids interact and understand our feathered friends better in ‘Bird Watching for Kids.’

Ready to join the Summer Reading Club and have an awesome summer filled with tons of free events and great prizes?  Registration for the Summer Reading Club is currently in full swing, and ongoing throughout the summer.

The Purple Pirate is on his way! Purple Pirate launches the Summer Reading Club! On July 7th, from 1:30-2:15pm come watch the Purple Pirate perform a spectacular show. Kids bring your parents, it’s free!

Do you have an old wreck lying around? Would you like it towed for free? Contact us and we will arrange it for you and the proceeds will be donated to our Library Foundation, which will create new programming for our community.  Please call 250-426-4063 for more information.

Our new website is up and running at:

There is much more than this happening at the Library. Please check out our Facebook pages and our new website for more information and updates.

Please note the Library will be closed this Wednesday for Canada Day.






Life Loves You – Louise Hay   (158)

Between You & Me – Mary Norris   (428.2)

The Argonauts – Maggie Nelson   (306.8508664)

Coal Wars – Richard Martin   (338.2724)

Humans 3.0 – Peter Nowak   (303.483)

The Anticancer Diet – David Khayat   (616.994)

Whatever…Love is Love – Maria Bello   (158.2)

The Spiritual Child – Lisa Miller   (649.1)

Magna Carta and its Gifts to Canada – Carolyn Harris   (323.0971)

Tone It Up – Katrina Scott   (613.7045)

The Awakened Introvert – Arnie Kozak   (155.232)

The Complete Guide to Bathrooms – Black & Decker   (643.52)

Got Milked – Alissa Hamilton   (613.26)

Disaster in Paradise: The Landslides at Johnson’s Landing – Amanda Bath   (971.162)

Eyewitness Travel: Hawaii   (919.69)

Undercurrent – Rita Wong   (819.16)

The Bastard of Fort Stikine – Debra Komar   (364.1523)

Sugar Crush – Richard Jacoby   (612.12)

Do Over – Jonathan Acuff   (650.14)

Crime Seen – Kate Lines   (363.2092)

Woodworking Wisdom & Know-how – Josh Leventhal   (684.08)

Nyctaphobia – Christopher Fowler   (fic)

Little Black Lies – Sandra Block   (fic)

Burying Water – K. A. Tucker   (fic)

The Remedy for Love – Bill Roorback   (fic)

Fiercombe Manor – Kate Riordan   (fic)

The Outside Circle – Pattie LaBoucane-Benson   (fic)

The History of Loneliness – John Boyne   (fic)

Dog Crazy – Meg Donohue   (fic)

Secrets of a Charmed Life – Susan Meissner   (fic)

Green on Blue – Elliot Ackerman   (fic)

Nothing Like Love – Sabrina Ramnanan   (fic)

The Unraveling of Mercy Louis – Keija Parssinen   (fic)

A Vintage Wedding – Katie Fforde   (fic)

The Lost Boys Symphony – Mark Andrew Ferguson   (fic)

Shadow of the Raven – Tessa Harris   (mys)

Aunt Dimity & the Summer King – Nancy Atherton   (mys)

The Alpine Zen – Mary Daheim   (mys)

Hades – Candice Fox   (mys)

The Lazarus Curse – Tessa Harris   (mys)

Game of Mirrors – Andrea Camilleri   (mys)

Into the Savage Country – Shannon Burke   (west)

Going Off Script – Giuliana Rancic   (bio)

When the Balls Drop – Brad Garrett   (bio)

Gremlins   (DVD)

The Wrestler   (DVD)

Strange Magic   (DVD)

Naruto:  Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom (DVD)

Naurto: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow   (DVD)

Naruto: Legends of the Stone of Gelel   (DVD)

The Vow   (DVD)

Captain America: Winter Soldier   (DVD)

The Hurt Locker   (DVD)

Shameless: Season 4   (DVD)




Louder Than Words – Laura Jarratt   (ya fic)

Silent Alarm – Jennifer Banash   (ya fic)

Burning Kingdoms – Lauren DeStefano   (ya fic)

A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens – Melissa Caughey   (j 636.5)

Bird Watching for Kids – George H. Harrison   (j 598.07234)

Crystal Keepers – Brandon Mull   (j fic)

D.W. The Picky Eater   (j DVD)

Angelina Ballerina & the Lucky Penny   (j DVD)

Dora the Explorer: Sky Rainbow   (j DVD)

Home on the Range   (j DVD)

Big Hero 6   (j DVD)