At the Library for June 23, 2015

Updated 2015/06/22

Barry S. Strauss looks at the most famous assassination of all time in his newest book ‘The Death of Caesar.’

Celeste Shally’s ‘Since We’re Friends’ is an fun picture book about a young boy with Autism, and how his friends are always there to help him out.

Ready to join the Summer Reading Club and have an awesome summer filled with tons of free events and great prizes?  Come to the Library this Saturday (June 27th) between 11:00am-1:00pm and sign up at our special registration table (we’ll have cookies!) If you can’t make it don’t worry, registration for the Summer Reading Club continues to be open throughout the summer. See you there!

The Purple Pirate is on his way! Purple Pirate launches the Summer Reading Club! On July 7th, from 1:30-2:15pm come watch the Purple Pirate perform a spectacular show. Kids bring your parents, it’s free!

Do you have an old wreck lying around? Would you like it towed for free? Contact us and we will arrange it for you and the proceeds will be donated to our Library Foundation, which will create new programming for our community.  Please call 250-426-4063 for more information.

Our new website is up and running at:

There is much more than this happening at the Library. Please check out our Facebook pages and our new website for more information and updates.

On display this month are the fantastic oil paintings of Bob Wardle.





Life to Get Lean – Holly Perkins   (613.71082)

Better On Toast – Jill Donenfeld   (641.815)

Lonely Planet Sweden – Becky Ohlsen   (914.85)

Skirts & Dresses for First Time Sewers – Christine Haynes   (646.4)

The Death of Caesar – Barry S. Strauss   (937.05)

Syria: A History of the Last Hundred Years – John McHugo   (956.9104)

Alphabetical – Michael Rosen   (411)

Lebootcamp Diet – Valerie Orsoni   (613.25)

The Wild Diet – Abel James   (641.5638)

The Forever Bridge – T. Greenwood   (fic)

Thoughtful – S. C. Stephens   (fic)

The Year of Taking Chances – Lucy Diamond   (fic)

The Precious One – Maria De Los Santos   (fic)

Things You Won’t Say – Sarah Pekkanen   (fic)

Hero – Samantha Young   (fic)

Circle of Stones – Suzanne Andrew   (fic)

Our Endless Numbered Days – Claire Fuller   (fic)

Wild Wood – Poise Graeme-Evans   (fic)

Girl Underwater – Claire Kells   (fic)

The Strangler Vine – M. J. Carter   (fic)

Broadchurch: The Novel – Erin Kelly   (mys)

The Long & Faraway Gone – Lou Berney   (mys)

The Children Return – Martin Walker   (mys)

Solitude Creek – Jeffery Deaver   (mys)

The Pocket Wife – Susan Crawford   (mys)

Archangel – Marguerite Reed   (sci fic)

Letters to Juliet   (DVD)

Drop Dead Diva: Season 1   (DVD)

The Hundred Foot Journey   (DVD)

Yoga for Strength & Flexibility   (DVD)

Belle   (Blu-ray)





The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens – Sean Covey   (158.0835)

Shadow Scale – Rachel Hartman   (ya fic)

The Third Twin – Cynthia Jaynes Omololu   (ya fic)

Paper Things – Jennifer Jacobson   (ya fic)

Robot Warriors – Zac Harrison   (j fic)

Warlords Revenge – Zac Harrison   (j fic)

Pip Bartlett’s Guide to Magical Animals – Jackson Pearce   (j fic)

Since We’re Friends: An Autism Picture Book – Celeste Shally   (j pic)

The Incredibles   (j DVD)

Frozen: Sing-A-Long Edition   (j DVD)