At the Library for June 16, 2015

Updated 2015/06/15

Norman Leach’s ‘Sam Steele: An Office & a Gentleman’ is a brand new biography of the legendary mustached-mountie just in time for our yearly celebration of him.

Megan Cuthbert explains for younger readers the folklore and legends of the Salish and Blackfoot Nations.

Ready to join the Summer Reading Club and have an awesome summer filled with tons of free events and great prizes?  Come to the Library on June 27th between 11:00am-1:00pm and sign up at our special registration table (we’ll have cookies!) If you can’t make it don’t worry, registration for the Summer Reading Club continues to be open throughout the summer. See you there!

The Purple Pirate is on his way! Purple Pirate launches the Summer Reading Club! On July 7th, from 1:30-2:15pm come watch the Purple Pirate perform a spectacular show. Kids bring your parents, it’s free!

What a Garage Sale! The Friends of the Library would like to thank the public for donating so many great items for this sale–And a big thank you to all those who purchased them. All the funds raised will be used to enhance the Library collection.

Do you have an old wreck lying around? Would you like it towed for free? Contact us and we will arrange it for you and the proceeds will be donated to our Library Foundation, which will create new programming for our community.  Please call 250-426-4063 for more information.

Our new website is up and running at:

There is much more than this happening at the Library. Please check out our Facebook pages and our new website for more information and updates.

On display this month are the fantastic oil paintings of Bob Wardle.




BC Coast Explorer & Marine Trail Guide Volume 2 – John Kimantas   (797.122409)

Woman-Powered Farm – Audrey Levantino   (630.68)

Framing Floors, Walls & Ceilings   (694.2)

The Everything Guide to the Low-FODMAP diet – Barbara Bolen   (616.3420654)

Complete Guide to Fresh & Saltwater Fishing – Vin T. Sparano   (799.1)

1001 Walks You Must Take Before You Die – Barry Stone   (910.202)

Pack Em Up, Ride Em Out: Classic Horse Pack Trips in BC – Tania Millen   (796.54)

Camping with Kids in the West: BC & Alberta’s Best Family Campgrounds   (796.54)

Wedding Bliss on a Budget – Ethan Baron   (395.22)

Greening Your Community – Jill Doucette   (307.1)

Not For Tourists Illustrated Guide to New York City   (917.471)

Welcome to Resisterville: American Dissidents in BC – Kathleen Rodgers   (971.162)

The Emergent Agriculture – Gary Kleppel   (333.7616)

Healthy Pasta – Joseph Bastianich   (641.822)

Flavor Flours – Alice Medrich   (641.86)

Lonely Planet Iceland – Carolyn Bain   (914.912)

Rick Steve’s Prague & the Czech Republic   (914.371)

Utah – W. C. McRae & Judy Jewell   (917.12)

In Montmartre – Sue Ross   (709.04)

Hope: A Memoir of Survival in Cleveland – Amanda Berry  (362.88)

The Carbon Bubble – Jeff Rubin   (338.971)

365 Tips for Newcomers: Your First Year in Canada – Nick Noorani   (325.71)

Reform Your Inner Mean Girl – Amy Ahlers   (155.33391)

Conscious Living, Conscious Aging – Ron Pevny   (306.38)

My Grandfather would have Shot Me – Jennifer Teege   (bio)

Sam Steele: An Office & a Gentleman – Norman Leach   (bio)

Blending Families Successfully – George Glass   (306.8747)

Chamber Music: The Poetry of Jan Zwicky   (819.16)

To the Fullest – Lorraine Bracco   (613.26)

At the Edge of Uncertainly – Michael Brooks   (500)

The Girls Of Mischief Bay – Susan Mallery   (fic)

Sing a Worried Song – William Deverell   (fic)

Beach Town – Mary Kay Andrews   (fic)

Prudence – David Treuer   (fic)

Wolf Winter – Cecilia Ekback   (mys)

The Harvest Man – Alex Grecian   (mys)

Straits of Hell – Taylor Anderson   (sci fic)

Guardians of the Galaxy   (DVD)

Mockingjay Part 1    (Blu-ray) (DVD)

Nuclear Nation: Surviving Fukushima   (DVD)

Justified: Season 4   (DVD)

The Paradise: Season 2   (DVD)

Call the Midwife: Season 3   (DVD)

Foyle’s War: Set 8   (DVD)

Project Eagle Feather: When They Took the Children   (DVD)

Transformers: Dark of the Moon   (Blu-ray)




The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook Gross Edition   (j 001.9)

Cities: Discover How They Work – Kathleen Reilly   (307.76)

What in the World – Julie Vosburgh Agnone   (j 793.73)

Hungry – Stephanie Turnbull   (j 613.69)

Cold – Stephanie Turnbull   (j 613.69)

Thirsty – Stephanie Turnbull   (j 613.69)

Eagle – Valerie Bodden   (598.942)

Blackfoot – Megan Cuthbert   (j 398.208997)

Salish – Megan Cuthbert   (j 398.2089)

Amazing Animals – Margot Channing   (590)

Space and Other Flying Machines – Margot Channing   (629.4)

Superboats – Paul Harrison   (j 623.82)

A Tasty Lunch – Rita Storey   (j 641.53)

How to Handle Discrimination & Prejudice – Catherine Chambers   (305.8)

Battle of the Plains of Abraham – Blaine Wiseman   (971.0188)

The Great Depression – Blaine Wiseman   (971.0623)

Platypus – Christina Leaf   (j 599.29)

Narwhal – Christina Leaf   (j 599.543)

Tractor Pulling – Paul Hoblin   (j 796.7)

Astrotwins: Project Blastoff – Mark Kelly   (j fic)

Diary of Wimpy Kid: Dog Days   (j Blu-ray) (j DVD)